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New businesses Exmouth

Starting a new business can be a bit worrying. Will it work? How much will it cost? What do I do? 

Here at BriteFire Exmouth we understand the importance of keeping start up costs low for new businesses and SME's. This is why as of 2018 we are offering new businesses in the Exmouth area an affordable option to getting a bespoke, performance led web site launched.

From 2018 we offer a simple monthly payment plan to cover the cost of a fantastically powerful, hand built website to small business and SME's in the Exmouth area. 

Investing in your business

We have a vested interest in your business so we are investing in you by supporting the early stages of your new business. The better you do from our work, the more work we get - it is mutually beneficial so very worth bringing BriteFire onboard as an early investor in your new Exmouth business.

The BriteFire business angel concept gives you the single biggest marketing asset for a very affordable monthly outlay. There are no strings to this offer because we believe in your idea and want to make it work.

Contact us today today to discuss your needs.