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Start your own business

Have you had enough of the 9 - 5 routine and want to venture out into starting your own business? BriteFire can give you everything you need to help get going on the World Wide Web.

New web site launch

BriteFire web design and development of Exmouth in Devon formally known as Geosync Web Design have launched a new range of online services for small to medium businesses in the Exmouth, Devon area.

Site loading please wait!

We have all visited a web site that takes an age to load and is cluttered with a vast array of useless effects just because they can but is it right?

Who fancies a coffee?

You've probably never really thought about it and let's face it - it really is of no interest but why do web developers drink so much coffee?

BriteFire goes AMP

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open-source initiative to improve the performance of web contents and ads through a publishing technology known as AMP.

Website advertising

How many times have you visited a website particularly from social media and waited what seems an age for the website to load only to be greeted by dozens or badly placed and irritating adverts?

High speed website design

If your web site is running too slow you are losing customers - a BriteFire website is custom coded - not off of the shelf - so it is FAST and Google loves them!

New business support Exmouth

Are you thinking of start up a new SME business in Exmouth Devon? BriteFire can help you get to where you want fast by offering a very affordable new business website package with monthly payments and no up front costs.

Domain name ownership legal battle

Having trouble getting your domain name back? Domain name disputes? Your web company won't release your domain name? Read on dear friend!

Is your website cloned?

Is your website a carbon clone of everyone else? Is there no originality left in the world and are we facing a sea of Wordpress website clones?

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