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Is your website a carbon clone of everyone else? Is there no originality left in the world and are we facing a sea of Wordpress website clones?

Is your website a carbon clone of everyone else? Is there no originality left in the world and are we facing a sea of Wordpress website clones?

Wednesday 8th November 2017

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Not another Wordpress website!

Is it me or is there a huge proliferation of similar looking web sites currently out there?

The thing is that in the industry we see a lot of websites and of late almost all new sites seem to resemble the bulk standard Wordpress template. Could it be that Wordpress has spawned the ideal design for a website?

Clones of website design

A good template can cost money - up to $245 in some cases which blows the budget of the cheaper end web designer. That's added to the overall cost of creating the site so you end up with a free template - just like your competitors - and that's not a good thing is it?

Most clients we see who have a site made cheap in some off of the shelf software complain of two things: performance and style. We open their site and you guessed it "Not another Wordpress site!"...

We have even been asked to design sites to a style the client likes - yes - a Wordpress default template so could it be that Wordpress has discovered the holy grail of design? We doubt it - it's all in numbers - give the public a cheap or free tool and millions will use it so the likes of Wordpress ride that wave of imitated popularity. To the uninitiated it becomes THE tool to build web sites and all other methods are without doubt WRONG!

Now there's nothing wrong with Wordpress or any other off of the shelf development tools. They have some great advantages and they have millions of templates - honest! They do!

BUT! Get a professional web company to build your Wordpress web site. It will cost more but you'll get an individual approach and a performing project. That will boost your company online no end and worth every penny. Also, a reputable web company will maintain the security of your site - why is that needed?

Off the shelf web site designer security

Freely available software can be downloaded anytime. Wordpress, Joomla etc can be set up anywhere and that's the problem. It can be pulled apart by hackers to find weaknesses and ultimately to hack it. A reputable web company will maintain for a fee the security of your site because when a weakness is found the developers patch it and launch a patch to the public whereby your web company will update your web site with it. Without it - you're simply not safe. That's the ongoing fee associated with the running of your installed web site and it's why we custom build. 

Our code is not freely available to anyone. It is licensed for use by the company only therefore no one can exploit it. By no means is it the answer but it helps.

So - if you don't want to look like everyone else pay more for a good template and use a professional web development company.

A £299 web site is exactly that - cheap - do you want your business to look cheap?

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