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Have you had enough of the 9 - 5 routine and want to venture out into starting your own business? BriteFire can give you everything you need to help get going on the World Wide Web.

Have you had enough of the 9 - 5 routine and want to venture out into starting your own business? BriteFire can give you everything you need to help get going on the World Wide Web.

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Want to start your own business?

January is the month where the highest growth in new business ideas start but very few manage to reach the very first stage - conception.

It is a scary move that most will never take and that's usually not because they lack the ability nor skill but financial worries. Starting a new business can be financially draining but with good advice and the right tools for the job it needn't be and the start of your dream is right there waiting for you to just take the very first step.

Customers are your biggest asset in any business. If you can produce the item or service then that's really the easy bit but getting customers is a lot harder to do and that's where today we have the biggest and most effective way to get new customers - the World Wide Web. 

Many years ago reaching customers was a paper based exercise requiring huge budgets and time. Yellow pages, local press, business cards, advertorials they all helped game a modest customer based but now - a single click can reach millions in a few seconds so the market has changed.

With a strong web support behind you your business can literally fly and that's what BriteFire do - we build web sites that exceed your expectations and deliver fast, reliable and effective web based solutions from software to help run your business to websites to promote your business and combinations of both all speaking to each other to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

With the incredible amount of free WYSIWYG software on the market to build a free web site why are most small business hiring experienced web people? Put simply these cheap solutions are exactly what they say on the tin - cheap. How much is your business worth to you? Is it not right to spend good money to get a reliable and professional service to help your business? Far too many businesses rely on cheap off of the shelf solutions to promote themselves and it looks exactly like that - cheap. The single largest marketing solution you have is the Internet so let the professional help you and see your business boom!

That's not the final word on the subject. Many new business start with cheap sites and that's fine of course due to budget constraints but a successful business will soon out grow a cheap web site and that's the time to bring in a bespoke, professional web company to help move your business to the next level.

So you have the business idea what next?

  1. Can you make or provide the service or product you are selling?
  2. Can you afford to do it?
  3. Write a cashflow forecast
  4. Write a business proposal (trust me - write one every year!)
  5. Go to the bank if needed or other funding agencies as required
  6. Get a quality web site
  7. Promote, promote, promote (social media, web site etc) Keep content FRESH and keep it flowing!
  8. Quit work!

Contact us with your idea - we aren't just web developers and designers but we also have a lot of business experience so can help you right from the start to get your first foot on the ladder to quitting the 9 to 5.

Good luck!

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