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Standard terms for contracting us

No single job is ever the same and where possible we aim to fit into your business seamlessly and with minimum of fuss. Here is a sample of the contract we will raise between ourselves and you. You may already have a contract for us to sign but getting the legalities out the way early on ensures a thorough approach to your project for the very best results.


  1. Client: this is you or your company
  2. Us: this is us or BriteFire Web Design
  3. We: this is both you or your company and us

The Quote

Once the quote has been given it is without obligation and represents the work we have agreed to undertake and at what price is expected to be paid for the job.

Changes to the brief may result in a re-quote and additions to the job may incur additional costs so it is important both parties know what is expected of them and how long it will take.

Once expected there is usually a deposit to be paid and terms of payment can be agreed upon. For large jobs we can offer payment facilities so you can pay for your new site over a period of time. The general deposit requirement is shown below:

Commissioning process

Once you have agreed the contract here's what happens next:

We will ask you to provide us some examples of the type of Website you like. This helps us to base a design that meets your requirements. Normally 3 examples are asked for. Do note that if your simple brochure Website becomes a competitor to Google or Facebook we may need to re-quote you!

Once the designs are all agreed to we will then draft a technical specification sheet. This may be very simple or very complex depending on the nature of the site. It details what technical capability the site will be built with and is important to discuss to ensure we all know what is expected of it.

Once agreed a time frame is put into place and we can begin the build.

Changes while building

We are pretty flexible and can usually accommodate small changes as we go but do be aware that major changes may require a new quote or a formal agreement to pay the balance.

Your obligation during the entire build is to provide the information we need as soon as possible. This may be images, logos or text. It also includes results from any testing we request - it is important that we receive feedback as soon as is possible to ensure a smooth result.

Ifs and buts...

There will be some according to the complexity of the build! Basic sites tend to launch very easily with minimum of fuss but more complex systems often require some tweaking and changes to get the perfect. Assuming all went well with the build and everyone is happy then we repair FOC any bugs and breakages for approximately 1 month after final payment is received. In general later on in the life cycle of the site a bug pops up we will do our best to fix it for free but technology does change and the average shelf life of a Website is generally about 3 years.

Continued support

Just like a car - your Website needs maintaining to ensure it is running in full health. Technology changes fast and our maintenance packages ensure you'll get the most life from your new Website and more importantly - it keeps performing!

As with any car if it is poorly maintained it will keep running to a point where it will fail and end up costing more to repair so we do advise regular maintenance. Costs vary depending on the nature and complexity of the Website so ask for details.

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