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Monthly Maintenance Contracts

Total peace of mind available for your business Website is a price worth paying and that's where a monthly maintenance contract can really help you and maintain your Website in peak physical condition - and SECURE!

Once your Website is launched it is at the mercy of a rapidly evolving network - the internet. It never rests and changes constantly evolving new technology and one of the biggest culprits is search engines who changes their search algorithms almost daily.

How can we help you?

Our monthly maintenance contracts takes away the stress of maintaining your Website on a day to day basis and ensures that we are there when you need us. In effect hiring your own webmaster.

What's involved?

This is a small list of what is involved and of course you may wish to add more specific things you want us to look after. Maintenance prices are subject to what you need but are surprisingly inexpensive when you consider the possible return on investment or the cost of repair should you be hacked.

Case study

A company we look after in Dorset had their database (booking system) hacked and encrypted costing the company upwards of £2,500 per day. All the companies data, bookings, everything was unusable but they did have a contract with us. Within 30 minutes we had resurrected their database from our backup. The hacked database was ruined and could not be brought back to life but our backup database was 12 hours old meaning they had lost at most 12 hours worth of work and not 6 years!

The company took the contract a good few years after setting up the site so part of their monthly contract today is ensuring that security in the code is brought up to date.

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