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Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Perhaps the single most important aspect of a quality Website is whether or not the search engines like it and for them to like it and want to visit your site it needs to be SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISED or SEO as it is known - essentially making it easy for search engines to know where to rank you.

Our industry is littered with myths and promises to get your Website ranked number one! Truth is if anyone knew exactly how Google worked they really wouldn't need your business would they? There are no fast track results or magic pills to SEO just good, sound Website architecture and quality content.

ATTENTION: As a Website owner or potential Website owner you will receive numerous email and even cold calls about SEO with promises of high ranking. Be warned - many companies use BLACK HAT techniques to achieve high rankings almost over night. As soon as you've paid them you will notice your site seems to vanish from Google. That's because you're now black listed and it could take a LONG time to get back into the very depths of search engines! Our advice: Find an SEO company by actually SEARCHING for them after all - if they rank high chances are you will right?

SEO as standard

At we build in excellent SEO as standard - you just fill in the blanks. All our sites are equipped with everything that's needed to attract search engine spiders (little robots that fly around the web gathering information from Websites to rank them).

Helping you with your SEO

We offer a few services to help increase ranking for new or existing Websites:

These are just a few things we offer to help increase your rankings together with Social Media.

Why is social media good for SEO

Over the last few years Facebook and Twitter to name a few have started to have a major influence on SEO and where you rank in search engines. Without having a good presence on social media your ranking will eventually suffer - our other services section details where we can help you with social media.

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