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John Gurd Professional film maker

John Gurd Professional film maker The internet has moved into a truly immersive experience and the production of web based video has seen a massive upsurge in dynamic and rich media. This is why has teamed up with the professional filmmaker John Gurd whose work has been used by the BBC, ITV and the Associated Press agencies throughout the UK.

Adding video clip and multimedia to your web site

Having professionally produced video can enhance a web site by giving the end user a truly integrated experience and can highlight much more visually than a web site can ever do. John Gurd is unique in the respect that he can edit the media while with the client therefore ensuring that you, the client, get exactly what is required on the day of filming. This approach ensures a swift and trouble free production that will encourage return on investment by promoting your business using video.

John Gurd:

"I've been a professional photographer since 1984. Working in the west country, mainly Dorset, Devon and Somerset. During the last few years I have moved over to video news and commercial web video production. I also freelance as a camera operator for the BBC in the region. I'm a member of the NUJ and Guild of Television Cameramen."

View John's recent work on the BBC news channel

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